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Public Works - Trash & Recycling Schedules

By Neighborhood
Holiday Schedule

The following is a list of Cherry Hill neighborhoods, and their scheduled trash/recycling collection days.

Apple Hill Thursday
 Ashland Thursday
 Barclay Farm Monday
 Barclay Farm South Monday
 Barclay Towers Monday Trash/Bulk, Tuesday Recycle
 Barclay Walk Monday Trash/Bulk, Tuesday Recycle
 Barlow Friday
 Batesville Tuesday
 Brandywoods Friday
 Briar Bank Friday
 Brookdale Friday
 Brookfield Tuesday
 Bunker Hill Thursday
 Candlewyck Wednesday
 Carlisle Monday
 Centura Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Thursday Bulk
 Chanticleer Wednesday
 Charleston Riding Monday
 Cherry Downs Wednesday
 Cherry Hill Estates Friday
 Cherry Hill Mobile Home Park Tuesday
 Cherry Parke Monday Trash, Tuesday Bulk/Recycle
 Cherry Run Wednesday
 Cherry Valley Friday
 Chestnut Place Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Friday Bulk
 Cobblestone Wednesday
 Columbia Lakes Friday
 Colwick Friday
 Cooper Park Village Tuesday
 Cooper's Walk Friday
 Country Walk Wednesday
 Crofton Commons Friday
 Cropwell Estates Wednesday
 Deer Park Monday
 Downs Farm Thursday
 Eagle Hill Wednesday
 Eagle Oak Thursday
 Erlton North Tuesday
 Erlton South Tuesday
 Forrest Park Friday
 Fox Hollow Wednesday
 Fox Hollow Woods Wednesday
 Frenchman's Pointe Wednesday
 Greenhaven Monday
 Greensward Friday
 Haddontowne Thursday
 Hamlets Thursday
 Hinchman Friday
 Hunt Tract Monday
 Jen Vue Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Friday Bulk
 Kenilworth Tuesday
 King's Croft Friday
 Kingston (North of Chapel Ave.) Friday
 Kingston (South of Chapel Ave.) Monday
 Kingsway Village Tuesday
 Knollwood Friday
 Kresson Woods Thursday
 Lakeview Wednesday
 Locustwood Tuesday
 Lucerne Monday
 Mara Court Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Friday Bulk
 Mark 70 Monday Trash/Bulk, Tuesday Recycle
 MCS Mobile Home Park Tuesday
 North Woods Monday
 Old Charleston Woods Monday
 Old Orchard Wednesday
 Park Place Monday Trash, Tuesday Bulk/Recycle
 Playa del Sol Monday Trash, Tuesday Bull/Recycle
 Point of Woods Wednesday
 Provincial West Friday
 Ramsgate Wednesday
 Ridings of Fox Run Monday
 Short Hills Farm Wednesday
 Siena Monday
 Signal Hill Wednesday
 Sleepy Hollow Thursday
 Society Hill Monday
 Somerset Friday
 Springbrook Wednesday
 Staffordshire Wednesday
 Surrey Place West Friday
 Surrey Place East Wednesday
 Sussex House Monday Trash/Bulk, Tuesday Recycle
 Tamara Court Monday Trash, Tuesday Bulk/Recycle
 Tavistock Tuesday
 Timbercove Thursday
 Tuvira Monday
 Uxbridge Tuesday
 Versailles Monday
 Villagio Wednesday
 Voken Tract Monday
 Waterford Monday Trash, Tuesday Bulk/Recycle
 Wexford East Wednesday
 Wexford Leas Wednesday
 Wilderness Acres Wednesday
 Wilderness Glen Wednesday
 Wilderness Run Wednesday
 Willowdale Thursday
 Windsor Mews Tuesday
 Windsor Park Tuesday
 Windsor Park West Tuesday
 Woodcrest Thursday
 Woodland (North of Chapel Ave.) Friday
 Woodland (South of Chapel Ave.) Tuesday
 Woods I Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Wednesday Bulk
 Woods II Monday Trash, Tuesday Recycle, Wednesday Bulk


Holiday Schedule

There will be no trash or recycling collected on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • July Fourth
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day


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